Special Services

Project Management

Through Knowledge and year on year experiences QPB has developed project management processes to organization activities and achieve objectives according to project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Sales Management

QPB has a team of sales professional who successfully establish and organize sales activity to achieve targets within budgets and timelines.

Marketing Management

QPB offers effective marketing services through social media, electronic media and print media covering above-the-line, Below-the-line and through-the line based on customer desire denominations and budget.

Investor Management

QPB offers lucrative ventures to the capitalist in real estate projects in high rise buildings or new societies both in residential and commercial units.

Partner Management

QPB creates opportunities to partners and investors to invest in successful domestic, commercial and urban planning projects.

Finance Management

Finance Management is vital to successfully execute and complete the project milestones; QPB has experience to manage the finances which helps the investors to foresee their benefits.

3rd Party Services Management

QPB has built best working relationship with 3rd party services projects like architects, civil engineers, civil work consultants, electrical, HVAC, plumbing engineers, ICT and security engineers in turn it helps to plan, execute and complete the projects successfully and in timely manner.

Post Sales Management

Building service management is vital to keep the maintenance of building after sales and handover to client; QPB has team of engineers and professionals who respond to any complaints actively.